Michael Bay confirms Transformers 4, replacing entire human cast

Ready or not, here comes Transformers 4. The Huffington Post reports that Transformers directory Michael Bay has signed a contract with Paramount Pictures to extend the money-minting movie franchise. Yeah, we know. Most everyone says the movies are terrible, with the exception of some eye-popping (yet very overdone) CGI.

It's hard to blame Paramount or Bay for going back to the well for more Autobot love. After all, the movies gross hundreds of millions of dollars, which makes us think that at least some of you are ponying up at the local movie theater.

As for Shia LaBeouf and the rest of the Transformers cast, word is that they will not be back for movie number four. But you can bet that Bumblebee, Optimus and the remaining cast of bad guys will be back. Bay claims the movie will hit the big screen on June 29, 2014, but there is no script at this point. Many will no doubt debate that there will be no script on June 30, 2014, either.

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