Dodge SRT offers behind-the-scenes look at new 'Stryker' Viper logo [UPDATE]

Fans of Dodge's SRT's all-American supercar likely know that there have (so far) been two different logos used to depict the fanged Viper. The first, affectionately referred to as "Sneaky Pete," ran from 1992 until 2002. The second appeared in 2003, when the Viper got a major styling update, and was called "Fangs."

An all-new Viper is set to debut at the 2012 New York Auto Show, and it will do so with an equally fresh logo. We're not sure exactly when the Stryker design was first revealed – anyone who looked closely enough got an early black-and-white glimpse when the automaker released the upcoming car's first teaser image in January of this year – but we do know that the latest set of images released by the SRT hive mind offer a much more detailed look at the logo.

According to Dodge SRT, the logo was named at the 2010 Viper Owners Invitational in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was chosen by Viper owners from amongst a handful of options. While we know very little about the actual car it will adorn, Mark Trostle, Head of SRT Design, said the following: "The new Stryker badge is the most refined, sinister looking and beautiful badge yet, just like the shape of the car." Consider our interest piqued.

UPDATE: A representative from SRT reached out to remind us that the next-generation Viper will not be part of the Dodge lineup, but instead the newly formed SRT brand.

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Dodge Viper

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