Second voluntary service campaign for Nissan Leaf updates range estimate, safety features

The Nissan Leaf is getting a second "voluntary service campaign" in the U.S. to improve the car's awareness of the battery state of charge and to make it a bit safer. The service will boost the accuracy of the Leaf's on-board range estimate display, improve Carwings connectivity (which will make the companion smartphone app more accurate and thus give a driver a better estimate of when charging will be done) and to add an "additional driver convenience alert" should a door be open when the car is not in Park.

Nissan North America's technology and motorsports communications manager, Steve Yaeger, told Green Car Reports that the service, which is not mandatory, will be performed free for all Leaf owners. The vehicle's first service campaign dealt with a starting issue that hampered a small number of Leafs.
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Based on the vehicle production date, Nissan would like to offer a complimentary update of the vehicle software. Nissan has added an additional driver convenience alert designed to notify the driver if their door is opened while the vehicle is still in the "ON" or "READY" mode and the shift selector is not in "P". In addition, Nissan has improved both the accuracy of the charging time estimate on the meter display and the distance to empty estimate when using a smartphone or other internet device through Carwings.

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