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2014 BMW i8 caught with its doors open

Judging by the recent spate of i8 spy shots, BMW is cranking away on the plug-in supercar to make sure its primped and ready for its on-sale date in 2014.

However, one thing appears to be missing: the glass panel that extends down past the coupe's belt line. That same design element – which BMW billed as feature for urban driving – probably won't make it to the i8's little EV brother, the i3, either.

But one element that appears to be making the leap from concept to production is the i8's butterfly doors. We've seen them on both the original concept and the follow-up from last year, not to mention its cameo in the last Mission Impossible installment. Now we have photographic proof that the i8's doors will flip up and out, similar to the Ferrari Enzo and past McLarens (both the F1 and SLR). And since the doors appear to open just passed the roof, BMW won't have to resort to the same explosive charges Mercedes-Benz has to employ on the SLS AMG.

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