Watch as motorcycle racers leap over The Mountain at Cadwell Park

Motorsport is full of amazing spectacles, and many of them are directly caused by the various peculiarities of specific race tracks. To wit, Laguna Seca is known for The Corkscrew, Le Mans will always be linked to the Mulsanne Straight, The Nürburgring has The Carousel, and the ability to take Spa's Eau Rouge and Raidillon corners flat-out is what separates the men from the boys.

And then there's The Mountain at Cadwell Park. Though not nearly as well known outside the U.K. as many other race track features, The Mountain may be one of the most exciting places to point a video camera in all of motorsport. It's a small hill that comes up directly after a tight left-to-right S-turn, and it routinely launches the bravest riders high into the sky as they try to get the best drive from the corner possible... and it spits many of them sprawling back out the other side on their bums.

If you're not familiar with The Mountain, we suggest you watch the video after the break. Aim high, boys and girls.

British Superbikes, The Mountain from Sarjit Bains on Vimeo.

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