Mindset E-Motion re-emerges with doubly-dense battery claim

Remember the Mindset E-Motion? When last we had news of this Murat Günak creation, the folks behind it (Spirt Avert AG, now known as Mindset Holding AG) were seeking 152 million development dollars at a time when many of the world's major economies were sitting on their posteriors, looking up at the cliff from which they'd fallen. Well, the effort survived that turmoil and recently re-emerged boasting a battery tech that claims an energy density that's twice that used in other electric vehicles.

Developed by inventor Jörg Hempel and commercialized under the name H-Tech, the technology uses conventional lithium ion cells that have been pre-conditioned and charged using a newly developed method. The 52-kWh pack currently being tested in the Mindset prototype is said to weigh only 200 kg (440.9 lbs) while extending the vehicle's range by 75 percent. By way of comparison, the pack in the Tesla Roadster is 56 kWhs and weighs 441.9 kg (990 lbs). As you can see, that's an extraordinary improvement.

As Carl Sagan was wont to say, however, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" and so it's in this spirit we await more news of the company's testing, as well as independent verification. So far, the pack has undergone an assessment on the road, but will be evaluated further in the lab for "consistency over multiple charge/discharge cycles."

According to the company's website, production of all-electric and range-extended versions had been planned for early 2012. That timeline appears somewhat optimistic in light of the Mindset's current stage of development and the fact that Xenatech, its strategic manufacturing partner, recently declared bankruptcy. Hit the jump to read the official press release for yourself.

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Major breakthrough for electric vehicles

MINDSET HOLDING AG (SIX Swiss Exchange: MIND) and H-TECH AG jointly report a major breakthrough in the field of battery technology for electric vehicles due to a newly developed battery pack technology.

A prototype of the mindset electric vehicle ( has been fitted with the H-TECH technology and achieved previously unmatched performances on a TÜV-Germany rolling road test block.

In the context of a conventional test within the sector of electric vehicles a lab-tested, newly developed battery pack technology based on lithium-ion cells was applied on a rolling road test block of TÜV-Süd on January 24, 2012. With this test, a battery pack with a weight of 200 kg achieved a energy density of 52 kWh with one charge. The measured energy comes down to 0,26 kW/kg. Although this result represents almost a doubling of the energy density, the total weight increase was less than 15%, including the battery management system.

The added value in energy density compared to their competitors is considerably higher than 100%:

Vehicle energy density of battery pack, kWh per kg
Mindset 0,26
Mindset before 0,13
Smart (equipped by Tesla) 0,13
Tesla Roadster 0,12
Mitsubishi i-Miev 0,08
Nissan Leaf 0,08

The relation of power output to weight of the battery pack sets a new benchmark for the performance of battery-powered cars. The achieved performance resulted in an extension of the available range above 75%. Additional tests will specify valuable features of the technology over the next weeks to come. Added value can be expected in:

– stable thermic conditions during charging and discharging
– cutting charging times

In addition the battery packs will be measured on test stands as well as in the vehicle in order to evaluate their consistency over multiple charge/discharge cycles. The technology of H-TECH is based on a newly developed method of charging of pre-conditioned lithium ion cells.
A patent is pending. This technology has been applied for the first time in an electric vehicle.

H-TECH AG, domiciled in Liechtenstein, owns all rights and intends to exclusively commercialize these. The new technology of conditioning and charging of battery packs opens a wide field of industrial applications for H-TECH AG far beyond the automotive industry.
H-TECH AG and MINDSET HOLDING AG have agreed to cooperate on an exclusive basis for the realization of this innovation in the field of electric cars. Simultaneously, MINDSET HOLDING AG has been granted the right to exclusively initiate the application of the H-TECH battery technology in its electric vehicles.

MINDSET HOLDING AG is the listed parent company of mindset ag. mindset is a new type of automobile that sets itself apart – both technically and aesthetically – from conventional automotive concepts. mindset was conceived from scratch to be an electric car for everyday use. The company's core activities comprise the development and the commercialization of the mindset. Lorenzo R. Schmid is the initiator and chairman of the board of the company.

H-TECH AG has been established in Schaan, Liechtenstein with the purpose to secure, administer, enforce and operate the commercial utilization of patents and rights in the field of battery pack technologies, accumulators, the boosting and charging of batteries, with special emphasis on patents and rights based on inventions made by Jörg Hempel. Jörg Hempel has been dealing with themes covering the efficiency and preservation of energy and physics in general since his early youth. A number of groundbreaking innovations of Jörg Hempel have led to respect and tribute by specialists within professional circles. The main shareholders of
H-TECH AG are Michael Hilti and Jörg Hempel.

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