'Made In Detroit' merch is anything but

This is awkward. According to The Detroit Free Press, the now famous Made In Detroit apparel may come from as far away as the Dominican Republic. While Bobby Moscow, LLC, the company behind the official Made In Detroit shirts, designs and screen prints the Ts and other garb in Detroit proper, the raw materials are sourced from elsewhere. The company uses between eight and 10 different suppliers, and they may provide shirts from all over the globe. While some of the Ts come from a small company in Ohio, Buddy Moscow says it is currently working to ensure more of its products are made here in the States.
The original Made In Detroit shirts inspired by the 2011 Super Bowl Chrysler commercial featuring Eminem were, in fact, made right here in the land of the free. Chrysler said the company felt it was important for the products to be made here given the slogan. The automaker isn't affiliated with the new line of Kid Rock-approved Bobby Moscow apparel.

Some fans of the Buddy Moscow pieces have noticed the shirts come without any tags at all, leading to questions about whether or not the Ts were actually made in China. As it turns out, the tags were simply removed to facilitate screen printing in-collar labels.

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