Riding shotgun in a two-seater race car at speed is a lot of fun – trust us on this – but this video is headache inducing. And scary. Seems like the pit crew on hand at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi was so concerned with starting the camera and setting its white balance that they didn't bother checking to see whether the passenger's safety harness was tight enough. And it clearly wasn't.

You'll notice in the screenshot above that the passenger's helmet appears to be striking the bulkhead in front of her, which is definitely not supposed to happen. Indeed, she gets thrown around something fierce as the two-seater F1 car corners and brakes. So let this serve as a lesson to those of you who might embark on your first hot lap on a race track: Tighten up those belts until they are truly snug.

Click past the jump to watch the video in its entirety.

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