Jeremy Clarkson voted worst off-road trip partner in UK survey

If you're about to embark on an off-road driving expedition, you're going to need the right co-pilot. Someone with good knowledge of how a car works, good survival skills and – most important of all – a good sense of humor.

This according to a recent study carried out in the UK by Continental Tires ahead of the launch of the Conti 4x4 Trophy, in which respondents ranked humor as an over-arching qualifying trait for the right person to ride shotgun.

So who did the British respondents choose? The blokes went with a pretty face in glamor model Kelly Brook, while the ladies elected Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame. But it's the least favorite picks that caught our attention.

According to the study, the worst person to have riding shotgun on such an off-road trip would be Jeremy Clarkson. Joining Jezza in the top ten least favorite co-pilots in the study were Katie Price (another "glamor model" like the aforementioned Kelly Brook who goes by the name Jordan), Prime Minister David Cameron, fashion model Kate Moss, TV show hostesses Carol Vorderman and Christine Bleakley, parliamentarian Nick Clegg, pop idol Madonna, Idol host Simon Cowell and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

For our part, we're not sure the Top Gear host (or for that matter the McLaren driver) would be at the very top of our list, but he certainly wouldn't be at the bottom. This after a similar study placed Jezza as the top choice for a house-sitter, one of the top five Brits that men would like to have a date with, and, most contradictingly, the country's top pick for a passenger on an on-road trip.
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Jeremy Clarkson has topped a poll of the celebrities Brits would least like to share a driving adventure with, according to new research by Continental Tyres.

The controversial TV presenter and columnist was rated as the worst person to share a 4x4 drive across the Sahara Desert. Hot on Clarkson's heels was Katie Price and Prime Minister David Cameron a close third.

Three quarters of drivers would rather ditch a celebrity, with nearly half opting for a family member to join them, whilst the rest put friends in front of the famous.

The poll of 2,000 motorists by Continental Tyres identified a good sense of humour as the top trait for a co-driver, ahead of good motoring knowledge and survival skills.

The research was conducted as part of the launch of this year's Conti 4x4 Trophy, where people compete for a place on an epic off road challenge, driving a Hummer across the Sahara Desert.

Tim Bailey, spokesperson for Continental Tyres, said: "Driving thousands of miles through the Atlas Mountains and the fiery sands of the Sahara Desert makes your choice of co-driver incredibly important. It's a long, tough and often dangerous journey.

"Jeremy Clarkson might have motoring credentials but either his calamitous road trips on Top Gear his lack of practical skills or his outspoken views mean most people would leave him behind."

When men were asked which female celebrity they would choose to do the journey with, Kelly Brook was number one. And women chose Robert Pattinson to rev their engine.

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Top ten worst celebs to go on driving adventure with:

1. Jeremy Clarkson

2. Katie Price

3. David Cameron

4. Kate Moss

5. Carol Vorderman

6. Christine Bleakley

7. Nick Clegg

8. Madonna

9. Simon Cowell

10. Lewis Hamilton

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