Time for some good news/bad news (maybe) from Fisker Automotive.

First, the good news. The company announced today that it will soon be selling the luxury plug-in hybrid in Canada, starting with retail locations in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Fisker is working with the big Canadian auto dealer the Dilawri Group as well as Fields Automotive Group to sell the PHEV in Canada. More stores should be coming, since Fisker said in a statement that it will "expand its presence in Canada as it ramps up Karma production."

Speaking of that production, here's the possible bad news. In Auto News is reporting (but doesn't actually source) that Fisker is dropping the number of Karmas it expects to sell in 2012 down to 10,000. Way back when, (i.e., November 2011) the company was still confident it would make 15,000 Karmas in 2012. But then sales were delayed – and we know that production is not the same as sales – so there's reason to be skeptical that lofty sales targets for the $100,000+ Karma will be met. We've contacted Fisker for a comment on this possible decrease, but have not yet heard back. If they respond, we'll let you know.

UPDATE: Roger Ormisher, Fisker's senior director of global corporate communications & PR, wrote to AutoblogGreen:

There has been so much confusion over our sales targets in the media (15,000 was the figure for full global production and sales of all 3 Karma derivatives – sedan, Surf Wagon and Sunset convertible) that we have now moved away from quoting projections.

This is a new car from a new brand in a unique market segment. Therefore, we are not making any predictions on sales figures. We are a new car company, learning as we go and opening up new markets consistently – and one thing that we have learned is that making annual sales projections when you bring a car such as the Karma to the market is unhelpful

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ID: 622 | 02.02.2012

ANAHEIM, CA – February 2, 2012 – Fisker Automotive has added Canada to the list of countries in which the Fisker Karma, the world's first true Electric Vehicle with extended range (EVer™), is available.

As its initial entrée into the Canadian market, Fisker Automotive (www.fiskerautomotive.com) has partnered with established retailers to bring its uncompromised responsible luxury cars to locations in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

In Toronto and Calgary Fisker has partnered with the Dilawri Group, Canada's largest auto dealer group. In addition to Fisker of Calgary, the Dilawri Group will be placing a unique Fisker retail location, Fisker of Toronto, at the Shops at Don Mills, Toronto's first open air mall.

Fisker's partner in Vancouver is the Fields Automotive Group, a family owned company established in 1971. Fisker of Vancouver adds to the Group's 29 other North American locations.

Individual retailer website, location and contact information can be found by clicking on 'Find a Retailer' at www.fiskerautomotive.com

"Both Dilawri and Fields have the premium brand experience we want, and that the customers expect,in launching a new luxury brand specializing in uncompromised responsible luxury," said Matt Malfitano, Director of North American Market Operations at Fisker.

Fisker will expand its presence in Canada as it ramps up Karma production and develops more clean running, fuel efficient premium luxury vehicle models.

The Canadian government envisions 500,000 plug-in vehicles on the road by 2018. To help this goal along, the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec all offer purchase incentives that range in value from 5,000 to 8,500 CAD. Additionally, Ontario offers unrestricted high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane access to plug-in cars, and Quebec will reimburse half the cost of charging stations for plug-in vehicle owners.

Fisker Automotive is an American car company, founded in 2007, committed to producing electric vehicles with extended range (EVer) that deliver uncompromised responsible luxury. The company is designing and developing the world's first line of premium electric plug-in hybrids representing the company's firm belief that environmentally conscious cars need not sacrifice passion, style, or performance. Fisker Automotive is a global company that is redefining luxury for the modern sports car buyer. For more information on the brand and the Fisker Karma Sedan, please go to http://fiskerautomotive.com.

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