Surveillance of parking lots across Great Britain has shown, contrary to popular belief, women are better at parking than men.

A comprehensive parking study took seven different parking styles into account and drew some interesting conclusions. Women are higher-quality parkers although they take longer to park, according to the footage. They were better at finding spaces, more accurate in lining themselves up to enter a space and more likely to use driving instructors' preferred method of backing into spaces.

Men, on the other hand, were found to be more efficient and displayed more confidence, but less accurate when parking. Because they were less likely to reposition, they ended up more askew in their spots.

Niel Beeson, the driving instructor who designed the experiment, said he found the results surprising.

"In my experience men have always been the best learners and usually performed better in lessons," he said. "However, it's possible that women have retained the information better. The results also appear to dispel the myth that men have better spatial awareness than women."

The score sheet

Car park firm NCP produced the study, during which researchers observed 2,500 drivers across 700 different parking lots.

Seven aspects of a person's parking job were scored and a final tally produced a "parking coefficient" for men and women.

All in all, the study found that women were slower to park, but, because they took their time, were ultimately better parkers. Fifty-two percent of women ended up in the middle of their respective spot, compared with only 25 percent of men. Additionally, 39 percent of women backed into spaces -- the expert recommendation -- compared with 28 percent of men.

Interestingly, the study also showed that men were more likely to "pose park," meaning that when driving with a female companion, they were more likely to choose a smaller parking space in order to show off.

Women scored 13.4 points out of 20 overall, compared to 12.3 points for men.

The results contradict a previous study from Britain's Driving Standards Agency that showed tens of thousands more women fail the parking portion of their driving exam than men.

"It shows that us men need to give our partners more respect when it comes to parking. The facts don't lie," Beeson said.

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