João Barbosa's wife no longer wonders what he does for a living

When you're young, no one tells you marriage is really about finding some one to have, hold and torture 'til death do you part. From playful infractions like forgetting whether your significant other hates pickles, onions or both to more serious matters like who uses more paper towels, matrimony puts a relationship and those parties involved into the world's most powerful pressure cooker. Even so, few of us get the chance to delight in the suffering of our significant others in quite the way Rolex Sports Car series driver João Barbosa does. The driver recently took his beautiful wife around Daytona International Speedway in a two-seater Daytona prototype. At 185 mph.

Mrs. Barbosa doesn't appear to take to the experience all that well. Throughout the duration of six-minute video, it's difficult to tell whether the high-pitched wail is her screams or the whine of the race car's gearbox. Impressive. In fact, it's the most fun we've had watching a racer's wife get a peek into their husband's office since racer Riccardo Patrese's better half got a little animated in the passenger seat of a Honda Civic Type-R a few years ago.

Hit the jump to check out the video for yourself, but just remember; what goes around comes around. Especially in marriage.

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