We'll be the first to admit we weren't overly taken with the Super Bowl commercial Honda worked up featuring Matthew Broderick. The company has a long history of genuinely great advertising, and while the countless Ferris Bueller's Day Off references were clever, the ad didn't really come close to the cleverness found in the movie that inspired it. Fortunately, the company has just released a new spot chock full of... that certain something. The clip follows a spark of innovation from inception to realization as the new European Honda Civic hatchback. As usual, the commercial is well shot and narrated by none other than Garrison Keillor, a staple of Honda's British ads.

Look closely and you'll even see a shout-out to Honda's famous "The Cog" Rube Goldberg spot of a few years ago, as well. You can follow the trials and tribulations of Honda's little spark in the commercial after the jump.

Honda Civic Information

Honda Civic

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