Car Crashes Into Bedroom, Starts Massive Fire

Fortunately, occupants of the house were able to escape

A Detroit family managed to safely escape after a car crashed into the front of their house and started a serious fire last Sunday.

"I honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing. I honestly thought it was video game or something on TV, it just happened that fast," said Bobby Stokes, who witnessed the accident while riding his bike.

Stokes told WXYZ he saw a car disregard a red light, sideswipe another car, jump a curb and crash into the home. Minutes after the collision, the fire broke out and local residents sprang into action, trying to help the driver and the passenger out of the car after the family had safely evacuated the house.

"We had bats, we had chains, we had snow and throwing the snow. The [driver] was unconscious and we were trying to wake up him and get him out," said neighbor Joslynn Brooks, who happened to see the accident from her window.

They were able to save the passenger, but, sadly, the driver was pinned in the car and couldn't be helped.

Brooks captured much of the ordeal on her phone. See the video below for scenes from the accident and the full report from WXYZ Detroit.

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