We've seen a swell in RoToR camera set ups in bike videos lately, and we have to say the trick makes for some pretty entertaining viewing. Take the clip you'll see after the break that was worked up by Supermotard Denmark, for example. The video tracks one rider as he finishes up a practice day. The crew crafted their own homemade version of the RoToR setup we know and love, strapped it to a rider's head and came out with some awesome footage. There's plenty of peg-scraping glory as the rider works his way through the tight and technical course.

As much as we dig watching the rider kick the machine's tail out, we're equally smitten with the video's soundtrack. Hit the jump to enjoy the antics for yourself. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some supermoto classifieds to peruse.

Local Track - Vivid Supermoto Angles from Supermotard Denmark on Vimeo.

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