Volkswagen has once again proven itself capable of crafting some seriously clever advertising, and with the Super Bowl quickly approaching, all eyes have turned to the automaker to see what the company has in store this year. In order to stoke even more interest, Volkswagen has released what it calls an ad for an ad in its "The Bark Side" spot. According to Automotive News, Volkswagen wanted to get fans excited about its spot for the Super Bowl and set about casting 12 dogs. The production team specifically chose the pups based on their resemblance to certain Star Wars characters instead of their vocal ability.

The clip was then shot just like a music video, both with all the dogs together and with each of them individually. The final track was crafted using a mix of archived dog barks which were then layered with new sounds from the dogs on stage. Certain barks were then pitched to catch the tune required. Hit the jump to check out the video once again, and then click on the Automotive News link to learn more about how VW's ad came to be.

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