There's no such thing as the perfect crime, but some criminals are clearly more perfect than others. According to UT San Diego, a man wearing latex gloves and sunglasses recently strolled into a Chase Bank in San Diego, pointed a gun at a teller and began demanding money. The teller wisely obliged, handing over $2,920 in cash before the robber took to his vehicle and fled in a white Ford Expedition. Onlookers were quick to jot down the vehicle's vanity license plate, which read ALMDUDE. It didn't take police long to track down the vehicle's owner, 27-year-old Robert Alm.

While we're not surprised to hear of a their using their own vehicle to flee a crime scene, using one with vanity plates proudly proclaiming the thief's name is something new. Alm has since been booked on suspicion of robbery. Police say the man is homeless and has been living in the Expedition.

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Ford Expedition

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