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This electric DeLorean is just a prototype, but our sister publication Translogic got to take it for a spin and found that a 260-horsepower electric motor finally makes the DMC-12 the sports car everyone has always wanted it to be. While we get to see plenty of footage of the car lapping Houston Motorsports Park, this episode also includes an interview with DeLorean Motor Company CEO Stephen Wynne.

While we don't want to give too much away, Wynne discusses future plans for the Texas-based DeLorean restorer and remanufacturer, which include bringing the electric DeLorean to market. Wynne tells Translogic that the car is expected to sell for between $95,000-$100,000. The car is said to have a 100-mile range, which would make it roughly equivalent to the Nissan Leaf, but with far more performance not to mention its iconic time machine looks.

With all the negative publicity some pundits have heaped upon electric vehicles as of late, we wonder if perhaps this is the car to change their minds about EVs? See Translogic's full experience with the electric DeLorean in the video after the jump.

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