World's smallest car headed back into production

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We have a hard time imagining anyone would find the Smart ForTwo uncomfortably large or the Scion iQ too big for their needs, but a group of businessmen in the UK believe there's a market for even smaller transportation. The group has resurrected the Peel brand, and the manufacturer is now accepting orders for both the P50 and the Trident. Both models will launch with a 49 cc two-stroke gasoline engine making just 3.35 horsepower, but buyers will also be able to choose one of two electric motors as well.

A brushless electric motor producing 1.6 horsepower and 2.5 pound-feet of torque can propel either vehicle to a golf-cart rivaling 15 mph. So equipped, the P50 and Trident deliver an operating range of around 50 miles. A more potent 4-horsepower motor is also available, which propels the three wheelers to a top speed of 50 mph with the same range. Both Peel models are limited to 28 mph.

With the Trident weighing just 130 pounds and the P50 tipping the scales at a slightly heavier 198 pounds, even the most atrophied among us should be able to drag the machines into a convenient parking space or elevator. As of the time of writing, only 9 of the 50 first limited edition Peel models remain available. Prices start at around $10,772, but if you want one, you'll need to place a $1,546 deposit. Head over to the Peel website for more information, and follow the jump for our favorite Peel video ever: Clarkson bringing one to the office for Top Gear.

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