Barrett-Jackson 2012: Lockheed Lakester Custom Roadster

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In the sea of muscle cars and hot rods here at Barrett-Jackson, this streamlined chrome roadster really stood out as being truly unique. Constructed from the wing tip tank of a Lockheed Super Constellation airplane, the "Lockheed Lakester" is built to resemble a vintage salt flat racer and features a variety of aviation-sourced parts including gunner seats in the cockpit, a vintage airplane steering wheel and an air speed indicator instead of a speedometer. Powering the roadster is a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder mated to a 5-speed manual.

We had no idea what this type of car is worth given that there's nothing really to compare it with, but there was plenty of interest in the vehicle and bidding quickly rose past the six figure mark, eventually resting at $170,000. With auction fees included, the final selling price was $187,000.

You can see the Lockheed Lakester in detail in our gallery of live photos above.
Vehicle Description:

"Lockheed Lakester". All aluminum wingtip tank has been transformed into a 2-person, turbocharged, HEMI 4-cylinder speedster in the style of a vintage salt flat racer. Faithful to its aviation theme, it is a unique hybrid of automotive and aviation components, celebrating man's longtime passion for airplanes and automobiles. The cockpit features gunner seats from a Lockeed Neptune submarine chase. Directional control is achieved by a vintage steering wheel from a 1948 Rockwell Aero Commander, in lieu of a speedo, airspeed is measured by a pitot tube and air speed indicator. This is avery rare wing tip tank from a 50s Lockheed Super Constellation.

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