Easily one of the most beautiful cars to roll down the auction block at the 2012 Barrett-Jackson event was this 1947 Bentley Mark VI. It's hard to describe just what this Bentley's coachwork looks like, so we suggest you check out the live photos we took of the machine as it was being auctioned.

A few things we know for sure, though. This Bentley has won just about every award it has been eligible for, including being voted as the best of its breed by the Rolls-Royce Owners Club. That, for those unaware, is a very big deal in such circles.

Apparently, a number of bidders at Barrett-Jackson realized just how special this Bentley Franay is, because the gavel finally fell with a winning bid of $2.5 million and a final selling price of $2.75 million after all fees were calculated. Read more about the 1947 Bentley Mark VI Franay after the break.

Details: Universally recognized as the most successful and expensive post war Bentley/Rolls-Royce automobile of all time, with the Concours and auction record to prove it. With over 50 show wins and honors it has earned its place in the record books. In August of 1991 at the Rolls-Royce National Meet the Bentley Franay was judged by its peers as "Best of Show" among all competing Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles from around the world. Then again in August of 1999 at the Rolls-Royce National Meet held at Dana Point, Calif. it again proved to the world that it was the best by winning the most coveted award that the RROC (Rolls-Royce Owners Club) could bestow, the Royce Memorial Trophy and top senior award "Best of Prior Best of Show." It is also worthy to note that the Bentley Franay, in June of 1995 was awarded "Best of Show" at Hurlingham, England Concours D'Elegance, England's equivalent of our Pebble Beach. It also received the "Spectator Trophy," the "People's Choice" and most popular car in the show. From the Ron Pratte collection. **CHASSIS NUMBER B 20 BH**

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