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Porsche Panamera facelift comes into view

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Porsche is busily readying a facelift for the Porsche Panamera, and our elite squad of spy photographers recently clicked a few images of the vehicle as it underwent winter testing. Details are scarce as to what, if any changes we can expect from the vehicle mechanically, but the photos clearly show an updated front fascia hidden beneath a bit of cladding. Odds are we can bet on seeing a tweaked headlight design with a reworked front valance. The vehicle's LED daytime running lights look to hang around for another few years as well. The tweaks should help the oddly proportioned Panamera age a bit better moving forward.

Move to the vehicle's rear and Porsche has served up some similarly small adjustments to the rear bumper cap and taillights. The changes aren't revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but Porsche has never been one shock and awe with its facelifts.

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