The come-hither 2012 Kia Rio has been bolting off dealer lots for obvious reasons that go beyond its $14,350 price. One of its noteworthy features for the U.S. market, especially for the segment, is stop/start, which Kia calls ISG for Idle, Stop & Go. Media feedback, however, has convinced Kia that ISG is not quite ready for prime time, so it's been sent back to the engineers for tweaks.

The same system is also available on the Kia Soul, and that hatchback will be going without for the moment, as well. Apparently, some reviewers found the system's engagement rough. Kia didn't give details about the move, either what might have caused the perceived roughness or what remedy it will use to fix it. If you're holding out for ISG on your Rio or Soul, which is available by checking the special Eco options package, a Kia executive said it will now be arriving in the second quarter.

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