Watch as a motorcycle rides on top of the world

It takes guts to ride a motocross bike. Tuned practically to the point of blowing themselves to bits, every pound stripped away so that only the bare necessities are left and sitting on top of a foot-plus of suspension travel, it takes a deft hand to tame these race machines.

Which makes the feat you'll see in the video after the break all the more amazing. It's one thing to strap on your gear and head out to the relatively safe confines of an off-road track. It's something completely else to ride a singletrack trail at the top of a mountain ridgeline.

Judging from the perspective of the rider, which is where the camera has been thoughtfully mounted, a single mistake could send this daredevil plummeting to the ground, where serious injury or even death seem inevitable. And yet there seems to be no tension whatsoever from the rider. We've got to say, we're impressed. See what we're talking about after the break.

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