Volkswagen knows how to get attention through advertising, as its latest teaser spot shows. Start with the Star Wars Imperial March to make the tighty-whities of every 40-year-old geek just a little bit tighter, and add dogs for the rest of the nation. That's how you get the undivided attention of the United States of America.

Building on the success of last year's "Tiny Vader" commercial, Volkswagen has begun the buildup to a full minute-long commercial featuring the Beetle that will debut during next month's Super Bowl. Which Beetle is the question, and Volkswagen says that on February 5th, 2012, something will be "back and better than ever."

The car that's coming back is likely to be the diesel-powered Beetle TDI, especially since the timing lines up with the Chicago Auto Show that runs from February 8th. What, you're still here? Who cares about conjecture, go watch the teaser. There are dogs dressed up like Ewoks, and there's even a little Wookie singing in there. See it after the jump.

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