Ford Updates Sync Destinations With Voice Controls, Better Traffic Data

In the first iteration of Ford's Sync Destinations app, drivers were surprisingly unable to use the app via voice commands. In the next version, that will no longer be an obstacle.

Ford recently announced it is extending AppLink support to the Destinations app. Users will be able to use voice commands to get precise traffic reports en route to their destinations. If needed, they can also receive re-routing data if the desired route is too snarled. Drivers can download data and turn-by-turn directions directly to their vehicles.

In partnership with Inrix, drivers can send an address from their smartphones directly into the Sync system, and contribute data and accident reports to boost the accuracy of the crowd-sourced information system without users needing to use their phones or touchscreens.

The updates are expected to be released soon for iPhone users, while Android users have a few more months to wait.

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