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Chevy Corvette C7 prototype spied testing!

The Corvette is the very definition of a halo car, and the fact that 2013 marks its sixtieth year in production is nothing short of a miracle. The seventh-generation Corvette is still a model year away, during which time Chevy plans to send off the C6 with a special edition 60th Anniversary 427 Convertible.

Development of the C7, however, continues at full speed, and we have the very first shots of a prototype being tested in cold weather to prove it. The car in question is wrapped in vinyl covering, underneath which hides the familiar black-and-white swirl paint job we see so often on prototypes. Even still, we can identify some aspects of the evolution that will take place between the C6 and C7.

For one, comparing profile shots of this prototype with the C6, it's apparent that the front wheels have moved farther forward, increasing the dash-to-axle ratio and likely the wheelbase. The rear end also appears to be larger, with a higher deck lid and slightly longer overhang. We also noticed that this prototype's side mirrors are a different shape than the C6's, and its dual tailpipes are positioned closer together to form a perfectly spaced line of four pipes.

There's no evidence of a split rear window and a mid-engine layout is clearly not in the cards. These photos should put those wild rumors to rest, but what's under the hood and how the interior has been improved are still unknowns.

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