There's plenty you could say about the Mercedes-Benz 190 series. It's built like a tank, for starters. You might even call it an enduring icon of the 1980s. And considering that it ended production – replaced by the first C-Class – in 1993, the fact there are still scads of them out on the road speaks to its reliability. We wouldn't exactly call it Pimpin', though the cousin that proudly inherited our grandfather's 190D might beg to differ. As would these two hip hop impresarios.

Follow the jump and you'll be treated to "The Mighty 190," a rap video tribute to the soon-to-be classic Benz sport sedan. In what we can only assume is somewhat tongue-in-cheek tribute, rappers Jan Emil Wathne and Ivar Kjetland lay it down, old school, with the wheels to match. (The result, however, is not strictly safe for work, so proceed with caution.)

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