There are few things that can't be accomplished with a little PVC pipe, some chicken wire, cardboard boxes and spray paint. Just ask the innovative chaps in the videos after the jump. As part of a Halloween celebration last year, the quartet of youths took it up on themselves to recreate a scale version of the tornado-chasing Dominator from TVN. The finished product looks pretty good given its humble roots, and since the project uses a Honda Recon ATV for a chassis, it gets down the road with a quickness.

The guys behind the project nailed all of the relevant details, right down to a mock Bosch sponsorship and a plethora of wiper blades. Well played, sirs. The troupe plans to roll out a mini Dominator 2 in coming months alongside a slew of skits inspired by the reality TV show Storm Chasers. We can't wait. Hit the jump to check out the four-part series on the Dominator's creation after the jump.

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