• 1953 Vincent Black Shadow, sold for $122,500. Lot 215.

  • 1955 Vincent Black Prince, sold for $122,500. Lot 249.

  • 1907 Indian Camelback, sold for $67,860. Lot 246.

  • 1915 Harley-Davidson 11-F Twin, bid estimate of $200,000 to $215,000. No sale. Lot 301.

  • 1924 Scott 486cc Squirrel Engine, sold for $10,520. Lot 226.

  • 1925 Coventry-Eagle Flying-8 Sidevalve, bid estimate of $90,000 to $110,000. No sale. Lot 270.

  • 1928 Indian Chief, sold for $46,800. Lot 287.

  • 1953 BMW R5/3, sold for $19,305. Lot 247.

  • 1964 Matchless G80CS, sold for $9,945. Lot 258.

  • 1969 Triumph Drag Racer, sold for $6,084. Lot 264.

1953 Vincent Black ShadowBonhams wrapped up an impressive motorcycle auction in Las Vegas, and some very pricey metal rolled across the block. While seriously expensive bikes like the 1955 Vincent Black Prince pictured above and a 1915 Harley-Davidson 11-F Twin failed to bring home enough cash to find new owners, the 1953 Vincent Black Shadow to the right brought home well north of its early bid estimates. A new owner laid down a hefty $122,500 for the pleasure of ownership. Likewise, one very sparse-looking 1907 Indian Camelback went for $67,860.

We took the time to pick through the auction's offerings to show off some of the more interesting bikes to roll across the stage in Las Vegas. You can check out the gallery for our personal faves or click over to the Bonhams site for more information on specific lots. The auction featured plenty of memorabilia in addition to full bikes.

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