Highway 101 in Southern California was the scene of an amazing rescue of a mother and her two daughters after an accident left their mangled BMW sedan hanging from a bridge.

First responders found the car dangling from the bridge. A big-rig truck, which had rear-ended the sedan, was at the bottom of a ravine 100 feet below, its driver dead. Rescuers worked precariously -- the car could have slipped from the bridge at any time -- on that difficult rescue that saved the lives of the mother and two daughters, ages 10 years and 10 weeks.

Looking at the twisted wreckage, it is difficult to imagine anyone survived. But first responders said seat-belts, airbags and child-seats all helped preserve their lives.

Incredibly and most fortunately, construction workers just happened to arrive on the scene with a heavy-duty forklift. With the machinery, the car was stabilized and its three occupants rescued.

The victims were taken to the hospital and are currently being treated for their injuries. Check out the video above to see the incredible rescue for yourself.

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