Missouri rolls out mother of all snow removal equipment, the TowPlow

If you happen to call the East Coast home, there's a good chance you recently woke up to plenty of winter weather. Given that we're facing down a few long months of snow and ice ahead, we thought we'd take the time to explore one of the more interesting innovations in snow removal.

Behold the TowPlow: a steerable trailer that allows one truck to clear up to two and a half lanes of roadway in a single pass. The machinery effectively doubles the efficiency of a truck and driver, but it comes with a heady price tag. The TowPlow will set your local department of transportation back around $100,000 a pop.

The TowPlow can also be fitted to disperse sand, salt or liquid calcium chloride, which makes it a triple threat when it comes to keeping roadways free of the slippery stuff. The machine was pioneered in Missouri, but states like Pennsylvania have also taken to using the TowPlow when the worst winter weather hits. Click past the jump for a few videos of the mega plow in action.

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