Ford GT designer takes his creation to artful zenith

Remember this chromed Buick Regal? At the time of publication, we said there were some cars that looked better in chrome than others, and this is what we had in mind.

A specialist aftermarket firm called GT Guy LLC solicited the talents of Camilo Pardo – the designer of the Ford GT – to create the one-of-a-kind supercar you see here. To create Merkury 4, the team started with a solid red Ford GT and gave it a Mirrachrome paint job with a black-bordered fluorescent orange stripe. Then they tweaked the supercharger to deliver a whopping 725 horsepower to the rear wheel. They painted the valve covers, smoothed out the clamshell intakes behind the doors, fitted ceramic-coated pipes, bolted on a fresh set of HRE wheels wearing Michelin rubber and more.

The result, as you can see from the photos in the gallery, is quite stunning – as if the stock Ford GT wasn't already a looker on its own.

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Ford GT

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