Jet-powered motorcycle headed for land speed record

Richard Brown is our kind of guy. Back in 1999, he set the one-way record for the top speed on a motorcycle at 362 mph, and he's spent the years since working on a sub-orbital rocket and a gas turbine jet pack. Surprisingly enough, those two projects haven't been enough to occupy Brown's time, and he's now turned his attentions back toward the motorcycle land speed record. Now the mad scientist aims to stroll past 450 mph on a jet-powered bike. Brown has dug up a 1,250 horsepower jet engine from a helicopter, and he plans to bump up the thrust to be able to use the afterburner while he's soaring down the salt.

The machine is called Jet Reaction, and Brown has already sourced the engine and fabricated a metal skeleton. Judging by the rendering, the jet bike will feature plenty of aerodynamic bodywork to help it reach its lofty speed goal. We wish Brown all the best in his quest. Head over to Visor Down for a look at his progress so far.

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