In California, if an undocumented citizen finds themselves in a sobriety checkpoint, their vehicle will be impounded for up to 30 days. The reason? Illegal aliens aren't permitted to have driver's licenses. And if the driver cannot afford fines that crest the $1,000 mark, in many cases the towing company will become the owner of the vehicle, which can then be sold at auction.

The law has led to web services that warn illegal immigrants of the roadblocks before they are set up. The social media sites and text messages have greatly reduced the vehicle confiscations, but a new law should eliminate them all-together. The Associated Press reports that California will stop the practice of towing effective January 1.

The news good for some and bad for others, particularly tow truck companies which can pay up to $75,000 per year for the right to tow away the vehicles, and since many cars and trucks go unclaimed, the companies were making a lot of money selling vehicles at auction.

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