Red Bull has a rather unique way of ringing in the new year. Back in 2007, motorcycle freestyle daredevil Robbie Maddison jumped 322 feet over a football field in Las Vegas, setting a world record for the longest motorcycle jump. A year later, the Australian stuntman jumped 96 feet into the air, landing safely atop the Arc De Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas... and then he let gravity take over as he jumped his motorcycle back down.

Four-wheeled machinery has taken part in the festivities as well. Rhys Millen nearly landed a backflip in his trophy truck in 2008. The perennially insane Travis Pastrana made history in 2009 when he flew his Subaru WRX STI rally car from one boat-mounted ramp to another on a barge, clearing about 250 feet of open water in the process. Sadly, there was no record-setting feat in 2010 after Levi LaVellee crashed his snowmobile in a practice run, though he did set a 361-foot record before it was all said and done.

Which leads us to 2011, which ended in spectacular fashion as Maddison and LaVellee performed a flawless tandem jump over the water in San Diego, California. Maddison recorded a distance of 378 feet on his motorcycle while LaVellee set a new snowmobile distance record by soaring 412 feet from takeoff to landing. See the feat go down from multiple video angles (including one from LaVellee's helmet cam) after the break.

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