We don't know how the folks at Risk Racing got from naval undersea mine design to the Light Mine Pro, but we're glad they did. The baseball sized, sci-fi-like accessory is comprised of two LED arrays – one white, one red – surrounded by 11 protrusions topped by neodymium magnets. Stick it to any metal surface on your car, and you've fire-and-forget illumination.

Running in three AAA batteries, the eight white LEDs can be used as low-power or high-power spotlights, the four red LEDs function as blinkers or for night vision. And those magnets should come in handy in other ways, such as retrieving dropped objects – assuming the object is at the end of a baseball-sized gap. The unusual multi-function light strikes us as a fair shake at around $20, but we'll have to buy one to see the quality for ourselves.

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