The real Porsche Design entertainment center

We think there would be considerably more car-themed furniture in the world were it not for the institution of marriage. While we would have no problem flopping the tail section of a 2005 Porsche 911 in the living room in place of an entertainment center and TV stand, something tells us that would be a hard sell to our significant others. While Porsche Design does make some beautiful pieces that we're sure our better halves wouldn't mind owning, we can't see them cottoning on to the efforts of one enterprising individual, who has taken to manufacturing custom TV stands from the rear haunches of certain Porsche models. The entertainment centers apparently use genuine parts from the German manufacturer, right down to the wheels and brake calipers on the rear wheels.

Buyers can order up any color they so please, and the display will accommodate up to a 42-inch flat-screen television that rises from the cars innards at the push of a button. Would we have one if money were no object? Probably not, but there's a chance we'd happily park our posteriors on a '59 Cadillac couch. Hit the jump to check out the Porsche display stand after the jump.

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