Suzuki readying next-gen Jimny/Samurai?

Suzuki has dropped a few teasers of a new concept vehicle headed to this year's Delhi Auto Expo, and the sneaky shots may hint at a successor to the well-worn Jimny/Samurai throne. Right now, the automaker doesn't have a known replacement lined up for the pint-sized SUV.

The Samurai may have exited North America long ago, but its direct descendant, the Jimny, is still very much alive elsewhere. In fact, it has cultivated a decades-old reputation for being a tough-as-nails bruiser that's as reliable as it is capable. We think Suzuki would do well to keep the model in its portfolio in the future, and now, new reports suggest the company could lift parts from the Swift drivetrain to build a low-cost Jimny successor.

Even so, assuming the teasers indicate a concept vehicle, it would likely be some time before we saw a production model frolicking about in the light of day. Early estimates would put a next-generation Samurai on stage at the Delhi Auto Expo in two years or so. Does that mean the U.S. will see the Samurai name return to its soil? With Suzuki's floundering presence here in the states, that seems unlikely, but we would welcome a capable, low-dollar off roader to our shores any day. Head over to the Maruti Suzuki page for a closer look.

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