KTM rider Rok Bagoroš stunts in ghost factory

We have a sizable soft spot for the KTM Duke 125. The small-displacement machine is perfect for back-road flinging and in-town commuting. Unfortunately, KTM has decided the wide-open spaces of America aren't fit for the lightweight street machine. That leaves us longingly watching YouTube videos of the Duke 125 in action. KTM has just released a new clip featuring stunt rider Rok Bagoroš at work on the single-cylinder bike. Bagoroš pointed the Duke 125 toward an aging metal foundry and set to work unleashing his own brand of havoc on the alleyways and innards of the factory.

There's no denying the rider's skill or the bike's maneuverability, but we were hoping for a few more breathtaking stunts. Maybe we've just been spoiled by the rash of awesome riding videos we've seen surface lately. Either way, it's a good opportunity to see the small-displacement glory that is the Duke 125, so hit the jump to check out the clip for yourself.

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