The next time you go visit your doctor for a check-up, go ahead and take a car-sharing vehicle. Why? Because that way you can say that you're actively engaging in a mode of transportation that helps your health.

According to a recent report by researchers at the University College London (UCL), making "rational, economic decisions about the most appropriate mode of travel for each individual journey (on foot, by car, bicycle, bus, train etc)" is a key factor in improving your health. When you are part of a car-share, you can still access a private vehicle when you need one but you are also more conscious about how you get around, and this choice often leads to increasing your physical activity level. This, in turn, can make you healthier. The UK's Department for Transport commissioned the report, which found that, "the only way to increase walking and cycling significantly is through reducing car use" and that "the recent growth of car clubs, neighbourhood car rental schemes, car sharing and pay-as-you-go insurance helps to make this possible." You can get the full report in PDF.

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