Whether it's covering the absurd or the important, we enjoy being your go-to source for fuel-efficient motoring news day in and day out. With the smell of special meals cooking and a present or two being unwrapped, here's hoping that everyone in the AutoblogGreen community has a great holiday this year, no matter what you choose to call the reason for the season. Don't let the old "divide and conquer" trick fool you. There are those who benefit when the population is divided over silly questions like whether to wish someone a Merry Christmas or not. Some also benefit when people disagree on issues like global warming and thus ignore the big challenges. Around here, we think it makes more sense to figure out what we agree on and go from there.

But today and tomorrow, we're taking some time to celebrate with family and friends, just like many of you. We look forward to getting back to covering the green car scene on Tuesday – ramping up our coverage until we get to the first big car show of the year with the Detroit Auto Show in early January. What are you most excited to see or learn about from Cobo Hall?

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