There are some numbers about the Fisker Karma we're already well aware of: it gets 112 mpg (according to the TÜV) and 52 MPGe or 20 mpg in charge sustaining mode (if you go by the EPA's numbers). The company has said it will make 15,000 of the luxury plug-in hybrids in 2012, but there are a few numbers that we'd like to know more about. Specifically, early sales numbers. Do they match up?

According to BusinessWeek, Fisker has sent 225 Karmas to its dealers so far and there are another 1,200 "in the pipeline." That's far less than the 3,000 Karmas that the company said in September that it would deliver by the end of 2011. Henrik Fisker told BusinessWeek, that the company is currently making 25 Karmas a day, with a target of 60 a day next year. If we assume that would mean 60 new cars every weekday, that'd be 15,600 Karmas built in 2012, which would be pretty much on target. Now, does that seem possible or likley or reasonable to you?

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