Nearly half of Brits surveyed name their cars... do you? [w/poll]

A new study commissioned by British parking lot operator NCP has found that nearly half of all UK drivers name their vehicles. Researchers questioned a total of 3,000 UK drivers ranging in age from 17 to 45 to determine whether or not they have a special moniker for their vehicle. The study also took the time to look into which names drivers chose.

In the UK, most drivers tend to prefer names derived from celebrities, with 24 percent of those surveyed opting for high-profile labels. Prince William and Lady Gaga are apparently two of the most popular vehicle names at the moment, though drivers also favor cartoon characters, sports figures and politicians.

Interestingly enough, three percent of those surveyed say they name their vehicle after coworkers. It makes us wonder what kind of vehicle Dwight Schrute from The Office would be. Clearly, not everyone feels attached enough to their car to give it a name, with 20 percent of those surveyed saying those who do are "sad." Some people just don't know how to have any fun, eh?

Our staff's driveways are filled with plenty of unique vehicular characters, including one very determined '78 International Scout Terra that goes by the name Death Proof. Do you name your vehicles? Let the world know what you call your car in the Comments, but not before taking part in our brief poll below.

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