Remember the BMW supercar that M Division wanted to build? Not gonna happen

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For at least two years, BMW has been teasing the idea of making a supercar, the kind that would glare with laser headlights at the Audi R8 and say, "Yeah, I'm lookin' at you." Way back in early 2008, the car was rumored to be a twin-turbo V10 with 625 horsepower. A year later, it was going to be the gentler, greener two-seat Z10 ED with a twin-turbo six cylinder and 400 hp. A year later still, the 1.5-liter, three-cylinder, hybrid i8 inherited the green supercar mantle.

But just two months ago, the head of product development at BMW's M division said he wanted a car to fight the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, a pure M-car developed totally in-house (as was the case with the AMG). But an interview given by M's North American product manager Matthew Russell points to the door having closed on that when he said, "We've discussed these possibilities. But ultimately, we didn't feel the need to make a very exclusive high-end supercar and we still don't." So there.

Perhaps more importantly, in reference to the M3 and M5, Russell believes that M already makes supercars, albeit of a certain type: "we like to build two cars in one: this is what M does. Nobody offers that perfect combination of a driver's car and an executive car that you can use everyday. So technically, we already build supercars." As fellow Autoblog contributor Matt Davis noted, however, we're of the mind that while those are super cars, they're not supercars.

Click the link for the rest of Russell's thoughts, though not before sparing a moment to say auf wiedersehen to the M1 Hommage. It will always live on in our high-res image gallery...

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