Watch Fifth Gear drive across England in a brand-new Lada Niva

If you happen to have a soft spot for ugly, inexpensive four-wheel-drive machines that can outperform substantially newer and more expensive vehicles, don't watch the video after the jump.

If you choose not to heed our guidance, you may just find yourself desperately searching for a way to get your hands on a Lada Niva. Fifth Gear recently undertook a unique challenge. While the Niva hasn't been sold new in the UK for years, specialty importers can still slide one your way for a small fee and a smile. The whole kit will set buyers back around £11,000, or about $17,000 at current conversion rates.

That makes the Niva the cheapest four-wheel drive on the UK market right now. But is it worth it? Fifth Gear took to the network of unpaved roads that envelope the UK countryside in a bid to crawl their way across the island by spending as little time as possible on paved roads. How did the plucky little Soviet-era machine do? Hit the jump to find out. Just remember: we warned you.

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