Stig family stickers are a nifty stocking stuffer [UPDATE]

Those cutesy stick-figure window stickers that tell the world you have three kids and a cat? So lame.

If you must advertise the entire family tree on your minivan's back window, and you're a fan of Top Gear, there's a better solution. Gearhead's Stig family sticker set includes the Stig, a Mrs. Stig, a pair of helmeted pre-teens, a toddler, and a few masked dogs and cats.

Some say Stig family stickers would make a terrific gift for the holidays, and we're inclined to agree. And at $7, they won't break the bank. Unfortunately, the sticker set won't start shipping until December 23, so it'll probably have to be a post-Christmas stocking stuffer.

UPDATE: The ship had to be moved back to 12/28 because of higher-than-expected demand.

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