A solid hit during the 2011 Super Bowl commercial line-up, Volkswagen's Darth Vader ad for the new Passat has given the activists over at Greenpeace a clever idea. Since VW is acting all Dark Side about the upcoming, stringent CAFE requirements (at least, this is one way to read the situation; another is the way VW sees it, which is that the U.S. is creating rules that assist the domestic automakers while not being fair to diesel vehicles), why not take the whole thing a step further and make VW like the Empire?

Following up on Greenpeace's VW Dark Side video, a group of UK Greenpeacers dressed as Imperial Stormtroopers were in the street to greet executives from the auto industry before a recent meeting of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (Acea) in Brussels, Belgium. The stunt was turned into a 80-second video clip, which is available after the jump.

You can watch (or re-watch) the VW Dark Side video here. Greenpeace's VW Dark Side website is here.

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