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TeleNav bringing browser-based navigation to your smartphone

Nearly every smartphone on the planet has some kind of mapping or navigation app pre-installed, and for the most part, they get the job done. But mapping and nav functionality in mobile browsers has been a hit-or-miss. However, a new breed of HTML5-powered mobile web-apps stands to change that, and the first company out of the gate is TeleNav.

Why would you want navigation functionality in your browser? Let's say you look up a restaurant and make a reservation on their website. If the restaurant drops in a single line of TeleNav code into its site, you can click a navigation icon and get voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions right through your HTML5-compatible browser. And here's the best part: it's completely free for the user.

The number of possible applications for this technology is endless, and we can't wait to see what enterprising developers come up with when TeleNav releases the service early next year. Make the jump for the full details and expect more information at next month's CES.
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TeleNav Announces World's First HTML5 Browser-Based, Voice-Guided, Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation Service

Free for both developers and consumers; Access available now for select developers
Sunnyvale, California - Dec. 15, 2011 - TeleNav, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), one of the largest global wireless location-based services providers, today announced that it has created the first HTML5 browser-based, voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation service for mobile devices. By simply adding one line of code, developers of mobile websites or of apps with local content will have a free and easy way to integrate full GPS turn-by-turn directions into their services, creating a more seamless user experience and increasing user engagement and time spent within their applications.

Similar to TeleNav's award-winning GPS navigation application, the HTML5 navigation service will include full-color moving maps, audio directions, and automatic rerouting if the driver misses a turn. TeleNav's HTML5 navigation service will be free for both developers and consumers and will support all major mobile platforms.

"This is an enormous amount of added value for any mobile, location-based website or app focused on travel, shopping, local search, deals and more," said Sal Dhanani, co-founder and vice president of products for TeleNav. "With one line of code, you can give your customers one-click access to premium, voice-guided turn-by-turn directions to any location, including hotels, restaurants, merchants or deal locations. Customers never need to leave your app."

TeleNav would like to partner with select developers to test the service. Interested mobile website publishers and app developers can apply for early access by visiting TeleNav's website at
TeleNav expects to publicly launch its HTML5 service in early 2012. Consumers will not need to be current TeleNav customers but will need to have an HTML5-compatible feature phone or smartphone.

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