Mopar pickup kit for Jeep Wrangler a hot seller, coming early

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Jeep enthusiasts have been asking for a Wrangler pickup for years, and 2011 is the year they finally got their wish – at least in kit form. The only thing that could keep the JK-8 Independence kit from being a success is the $5,499 price, which doesn't include assembly. But it appears that the serious Jeep fans are all-in, and Mopar is stepping up to meet demand.

Wards Auto reports that Mopar's original estimate of 200-300 kit sales was trumped by 400 dealer orders. Team Mopar is reportedly stepping up to meet the demand, as President Pietro Gorlier tells WA that more kits are on the way. Gorlier adds that Mopar continues to be cautious about sales expectations in part because the kits are so large and difficult for dealers to store in any real numbers.

Early demand for the kits, which is also available for the Wrangler Unlimited, also shows Chrysler that a next-generation Wrangler truck could take the market by storm. Gorlier points out that Jeep President Mike Manley has gone on record as saying that the next redesign of the Wrangler could include a pickup option, though no definite plans have been announced.

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